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It was our pleasure and an honor to be a part of the giving effort this year, and we hope to become a family that does this every year from now on for someone. The experience was more gratifying then I could ever describe, and you will most definitely be hearing from the Lino family again next year.  Happy Holidays to you and yours as well, and thanks again for this incredible opportunity!! – Mike L., 2017 Sponsor

This is our 5th year sponsoring a family through A.A.O.K. and one of the most special! We brought our 6 year old grandson, Joey, with to join us in playing “Santa’s Helpers” he was so great with the kids and such a big helper. Our family was wonderful! Such beautiful children and the parents were so appreciative and vowed to someday “pay it forward”… what a blessing it is to help good deserving people in their time of need! On the way home we talked with our grandson about the “warm, fuzzy feeling we all had from giving love, joy and happiness to others – he added “faith and hope too!”  We look forward to this each year…we get so much more than we give.  It’s truly a Merry Christmas. – Terry & Marvin B., 2017 Sponsor

Thank you for the opportunity we are already talking about how many families we would like to try to sponsor next year! Your organization is so great and we can’t tell you how blessed we feel to be apart of the true meaning of Christmas. – Lisa P., 2017 Sponsor

The family was very excited and thankful! It really meant a lot to be able to do that for them. Thank you for your help and program! – Sophia M., 2017 Sponsor

I want to share with you our Christmas with our adopted family. We truly enjoyed participating in the Adopt-a-Family program, thank you for approving our application. I truly believe our lives were equally touched through our involvement. – Athena W., 2016 Sponsor

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a very Happy New Year!  All the presents were just delivered and they seemed very happy!  It was rewarding for me and my son! Glad to be part of A.A.O.K.!  Please let us know if you have anything else going on throughout the year would love to participate -otherwise we will definitely see you next year!  All the best! – Stacy S., 2016 Sponsor

We literally adopted our family from last year. Janice ***** is one strong and independent mom who was deserted by a husband who came back from Iraq with severe PTSD and then committed crimes that landed him in jail. She had to get a work card as she is not a US citizen. That process took almost a year.  Throughout the year we stayed in touch with her and her kids, paid her power bill and helped out a few times when she had needs. We also attended her kids birthday parties and grew to love them even more.  Janice got her work card recently and landed a job as a porter at [a local] Hotel.  Thanks to support from her immediate family she has childcare for her kids while she works, but she is still struggling. So, we decided to keep her and the kids as our Christmas family again this year.  Hopefully, by next year she will be able to go it on her own and we will be able to take on another family in need. Thank you for all that you do for those who need assistance.

Warmest regards, – Mona G., 2015 Sponsor

We sponsored a family that was a single mother with a 9 yr old son. We had a great time shopping for him and was such a rewarding experience for our family definitely going to be the beginning of a tradition. Christmas is about giving and loving one another we all have ups and downs and it’s important to lift each other up when we can. Such a blessing to be able to participate with this group. – Jennifer H., 2015 Sponsor

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