Our Story

A.A.O.K. (Amazing Acts of Kindness) started in 2012. A group of our friends decided it would be fun to bring Christmas to a few families in need that year.  We reached out to a friend who works at City Mission of Las Vegas and she connected us with a few individuals who she thought could use a little extra that year.  It resulted in 9 families being surprised and having a Christmas like they had never had before. Instead of being at home, we spent the entire day on Christmas Eve driving all over Las Vegas being welcomed into strangers homes, hearing their stories and bringing an unbelievable amount of joy to their children.  Some parents laughed while others cried – and something inside of us changed forever.

The next year we knew we had to do it again.  Through the power of Facebook and social media a few more friends knew how we had spent our last holiday season and said they wanted to get involved.  With the help of the media, a lot of amazing strangers, and some really good people, we were able to bring Christmas to over 100 families every year from 2013 until now.



MEET THE TEAM:  Click here to see who’s behind “Amazing Acts of Kindness”

TESTIMONIALS:  Click here to see some testimonials from people who have participated in our program before!

PRESS:  See some of the awesome media attention we’ve received over the past few years.




  1. Heather and Wendy

    Such a wonderful idea, we can’t wait to help another family have a special Christmas!

  2. Terry & Marvin

    Such a rewarding experience…looking forward to our 3rd year sponsoring a family!! Brings great joy to all involved!!