Countdown to Christmas 2019

Thanks in advance for wanting to make a donation to our cause.  A.A.O.K. is a very small organization ran by a handful of friends in Las Vegas.  Having funds allows us to invest in growing this program by raising awareness and giving us the resources we need to succeed. Click on the banner below to make a donation.

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Our process

  • We locate and identify families in need for the holidays.
  • We connect them with a sponsor who “adopts” the family for Christmas.
  • We watch amazing acts of kindness happen and change the lives of both families and sponsors forever.

How your donation helps

  • Every donation helps us gain more sponsors to help more families.
  • Every donation goes towards helping us pay for the technology & systems we need to keep our organization active.
  • Every donation helps change a life.


Our mission is simple – to bring Christmas to over 100 families in need, every year.

Why is donating with A.A.O.K. different? – Usually when you make a donation you have no idea where that money goes or if it goes directly to the cause in which you’re donating.  With A.A.O.K., we directly connect 100+ sponsors with 100+ families.  The sponsors have the option to meet the family face-to-face and personally deliver Christmas to them, if they choose to do so.  Every donation received goes towards growing this program and facilitating that process.

A few things to know about our organization:

  1. Any family who is sponsored through our program is nominated to us by one of our community partners. Our community partners consist of local police departments, fire departments, homeless shelters, elementary schools and children’s hospitals.
  2. The typical family that is sponsored through our program has 3 children, allowing us to bring Christmas to over 300+ children each year.
  3. The funds that we raise go towards expanding our program so we can reach more families in need, reach more sponsors to help, and to help with all of the fees, bills and expenses that come along with running a non-profit organization.