What is A.A.O.K.?

A.A.O.K. (Amazing Acts of Kindness) is a local organization based out of Las Vegas whose mission is to bring Christmas to families in need every year.  We partner up with local churches, schools, hospitals and nonprofits to identify the families in our community that are most in need.  From there, we raise awareness and find volunteers to “sponsor” these families.  During the process, our sponsors purchase gifts and deliver a Christmas to the family that they otherwise may not have had.

A.A.O.K. is not a registered non-profit with the state of Nevada.  It is merely an organization run by a group of friends who, with the help of complete strangers, have been encouraging amazing acts of kindness throughout Las Vegas since 2012.

More about Amazing Acts of Kindness & how they got started...
Brian Golbourne

Brian Golbourne

Co-Founder / Operations

As Co-Founder & Director of Operations, Brian focuses on the day-to-day functions of the organization in order to ensure it achieves its short-term and long-term goals. This includes managing a team of volunteers to ensure all aspects of the program are executed properly. Brian has years of experience in business development and operations which he uses to lead the organization from year to year.

Sara France

Sara France

Logistics / Analyst

As Director of Logistics, Sara manages the A.A.O.K. program schedule and rigorously plans and prepares for a successful program each year.  Starting every September she maps out the upcoming year’s program and works closely with the operations team to enforces all deadlines.  Sara is also our analyst, providing us with data from previous years to help us prepare for the future.

Natalia Dubois

Natalia Dubois

Treasurer and CFO

As CFO, Natalia manages all finances for the organization. She administrates fiscal matters, creates our annual budget and ensures that financial policies and procedures are in place. Natalia has a degree in finance, a Masters in accounting and several years of experience as Director of Corporate Accounting and Operations for a local company here in Las Vegas.

Kelvin Mcleain

Kelvin Mcleain


As Co-Founder, Kelvin works collaboratively with the Board of Directors in making sure that A.A.O.K.’s operations, fundraising, marketing, and program strategies are effectively implemented across all segments of the organization. Originally from Detroit, Kelvin Studied at Texas Southern University before moving to Las Vegas to pursue a career in Hotel Management.

Years in Service
Families Served
Children Served

How Our Process Works


Community Partnerships

Every year we partner with local schools, children’s hospitals and non-profits that we trust to identify the families in our community that are most in need.  Any family being sponsored through our program is nominated to us by one of our community partners.


Family Nominations

After our community partners identify the most needy families in the community, they send us a packet of information on each family’s history, why they’re in need and a list of what they want for Christmas.


Sponsors Sign Up

Generous members of the community who want to sponsor a family for Christmas apply to do so on our website.  A sponsor could be an individual, a family, a group of coworkers or groups of friends!  Parents love getting their kids involved and teaching their kids about the gift of giving.


Pairing Families + Sponsors

Once a sponsor signs up and is approved, we match them with a family in need based off their requests and other criteria.


Amazing Acts of Kindness!

On Christmas Eve hundreds of volunteers deliver presents to hundreds of families they’ve never met before.  On average, we service 100+ families and touch the lives of over 325 children under the age of 18 every single year! It’s simply amazing.

How can I get involved?

There are three primary ways you can get involved to help us achieve our goal of bringing Christmas to over 100 families this year.  You can make a donation to support the organization, sponsor a family or volunteer your time!  More information below.

We Love What We Do

Here Are Our Partners That Nominate Families to our Program Each Year

CandleLighters Childhood Cancer Foundation
Cure 4 the Kids Foundation
City Mission of Las Vegas